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Magdala has members of all ages and standards and there are opportunities through the week to come down and find people to play with on the club evenings - and also time available to use the courts to arrange games.  The annual membership subscription includes use of balls and of the floodlights.

The club is committed not only to maintaining good and safe facilities, but also an environment in which everyone is welcomed and valued, and where our junior members can feel safe and comfortable.  Accordingly, we have policies on Equality and diversity and on Child protection - and processes in place to ensure that they are adhered to.  We also ask all members to agree to our code of conduct .


We have several categories of membership, so you may like to consider which would be most appropriate for you.  New members who join during the course of the year pay a pro rata subscription according to the number of months remaining.  The membership cateories and fees for 2018/19 are:

Full playing member     £215
Family member - 2 adults, 1 or more children under 18* £430
65* and over - full playing £185
Young adult, under 25 £130
Daytime member £140
Junior member up to 12* years £ 40
Junior member 12*-18  £ 75
Student member £ 75
Playing parent £ 40
Non-playing member £ 40

 * In all cases, age is as at 1 April.

For full details and payment arrangements, please click here to view or download an application form.  For more information or to let us know you would like to try a session with us, click on the Info link below and get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!





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