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Watch the ball that's coming - not the one that's going

Here's a good way of practising how to move on the tennis court and how to get ready for the next shot. You don't have to do this on a tennis court - anywhere outdoors with a bit of space will do.

Player 1 holds one ball in the right hand and one in the left. He/she throws one of the balls to one side of player 2 – player 2 won’t know which ball is going to be thrown.

Player 2 runs to the ball so that both feet are behind the ball, catches with both hands and then throws it back. He/she must immediately get ready to catch the next ball.

Now speed it up, so  that player 1 throws the ball just before player 2 throws the last one back. Throw the ball about two or three yards to one or other side of player one's starting position. When player 2 is completely exhausted, swap round.

Player 2 will soon find, when this is played at speed, that it's impossible unless he/she looks for the next ball that's coming immediately after throwing the first ball back - don’t check where the one you’ve just thrown went. Just like in tennis - no time to admire that last shot or check that it was in - get into position ready for the next shot.


Once you can do that really easily, do the same but using a racket, trying to hit each ball into a bucket in front of or beside the person who is feeding the balls.



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