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Annual tournaments 2017

Rules for tournaments

Men's events   Ladies' events   Mixed events


Men's Singles

Round 1 - to be played by 18 June Quarter-final - to be played by 30 June Semi-final - to be played by 9 July Final - on 15July
  Tony Mellors    
David Ebbage   Alex Stretton   6-0, 4-6, 6-0  
Alex Stretton Alex Stretton  6-3, 6-3    
David Burdon     David Burdon
Mark Stone David Burdon    
    David Burdon  
Ioan Reed-Aspley      
Chris Mills Chris Mills    
Pete Kirton      
Russ Blenkinsop Pete Kirton    
Mike Bottomley   James Ockelford  
James Ockelford James Ockelford   James Ockelford
Sahrin Ahluwahlia Sahrin Ahluwahlia    
Edward Benson   Paul Lockwood  
  Paul Lockwood    


Men's Open Doubles - Peter Hannah Trophy

Round 1 to be played by 18 June Semi-final   to be played by 2 July Final - on 15 July                   
  Matt Jaggers & Paul Lockwood  
    Matt Jaggers & Paul Lockwood
Richard Muge & Ioan Reed-Aspley David Burdon & Tony Mellors  
David Burdon & Tony Mellors    
Mike Bottomley & Pete Kirton    
Sahrin Ahluwahlia & Russ Blenkinsop Gary & Russ  
    Chris Mills & Alex Stretton
Dave Roberts & Mark Stone Chris Mills & Alex Stretton  
Chris Mills & Alex Stretton    


Men's Drawn Doubles 

Opening rounds, played on 6 June           Semifinal to be played by 9 July          
Final - on 16 July     
Round robin played in 2 groups - the top two couples Paul Budworth & Chris Mills  
 from each group to play in semifinals Paul Lockwood & Mark Stone Paul Lockwood & Mark Stone
  Richard Muge & Matt Proudlove Steve Goode & Dave Roberts
  Steve Goode & Dave Roberts  


Ladies' Singles 

Semifinal -to be played by 9 July  Final - on 15 July
  Carol Whittington
  Stephanie Meins


Ladies' Open Doubles - Edith Middleton Cup

Opening round - to be played by 20 June
Semi-finals - to be played by 3 July Final - on 15 July
  Beth Mallalue & Mandy Mellors  
Linda Boston & Alison Davidson   Beth Mallalue & Mandy Mellors
Tricia Urquhart & Carol Whittington Tricia Urquhart & Carol Whittington  
  Alice Ofield & Jackie Thompson  
    Alice Ofield & Jackie Thompson
  Eve & Margot Kersh  



Ladies' Drawn Doubles

Opening rounds, played on 12 June Final - on 15 July
 Round robin with 5 couples each playing each Linda Boston & Alice Ofield
 other - first 2 couples in final  
  Alison Davidson & Tricia Urquhart


Mixed Drawn Doubles

Opening rounds, played on 15 June Semi-final to be played by 9 July Final - on 15 July             
  Tracey Fossey & Mark Stone  
 Round robin with 2 groups of 4 couples. Janet Wharton & Dan Kilborn Tracey Fossey & Mark Stone (W/O)
 First two couples  from each group going into the semi-final    
  Mirjam Evans & John Greenwood Carol Whittington & Fred Ockelford
  Carol Whittington & Fred Ockelford  


 Open Mixed Doubles

Round 1 - to be played by 14 June
Quarter final - to be played by 30 June Semi-finals - to be played by 9 July Final  - on 15 July 
  Beth Mallalue & Chris Mills    
Mirjam Evans & Dave Roberts Carol Whittington & Edward Benson Beth Mallalue & Chris Mills  
Carol Whittington & Edward Benson      
      Eve Kersh & Alex Stretton
Alison Davidson & Matthew Proudlove      
Tracey & Dave Fossey Alison Davidson & Matthew Proudlove Eve Kersh & Alex Stretton  
  Eve Kersh & Alex Stretton    
  Jackie Thompson & Matt Jaggers     
  Tricia Urquhart & Russ Blenkinsop Jackie Thompson & Matt Jaggers  (W/O)  
      Jackie Thompson & Matt Jaggers
Margot Kersh & Ioan Reed-Aspley      
Linda Boston & Gary Bearman Margot Kersh & Ioan Reed-Aspley Mandy & Tony Mellors  
  Mandy & Tony Mellors    



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